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Merrick 5K Merrick 5K September 26, 2009

Race Results <- Click Here for Race Results

Race Start <- Click Here for Photos of Race Start

Mid Race <- Click Here for Photos of Mid Race
More Mid Race

All Photos of Finishers <- Click These for Photos of Race Finishers
Race Finishers 17:26-23:08
Race Finishers 23:10-25:41
Race Finishers 25:51-27:46
Race Finishers 27:49-29:47
Race Finishers 29:49-32:53
Race Finishers 33:19-40:28
Race Finishers 40:45-56:42

Race Awards Ceremony <- Photos of Awards Ceremony

Race Day Dogs <- Photos of Race Day Dogs

<- Click Here for our wonderful race sponsors

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